January 17, 2016

Ecommerce Websites

eCommerceAn online shop is both exhilarating and nerve wrecking. The sales potential is incredible but the risk of hacking and fraud is real. There are so many things to consider with an online shop. It’s not just a case of putting products on the page.

Before building your ecommerce website, its critical that you structure and organise your products correctly. You don’t have the luxury of large aisles for people to quickly browse. You have to group and arrange products succinctly.

Factors that influence your shops success:

  • Easy to navigate your products
  • Upselling and cross selling
  • Product categorisation and grouping
  • Ability to detect and prevent fraud
  • Secure payment processing and checkout

Imagine a store with 4,000+ products. How and what would you show on a page that only has room for 16~20. It’s about structure and organisation. Understanding how the consumer shops and how they make buying decisions.

Key Site Design Features:

You control your site content
We use a CMS system that makes it really easy for you to add and edit content. If you can use Microsoft Word, you’ll easily be able to add and edit content on your website.

Every page of your site is expertly crafted
Unlike other providers who only do your homepage we know that it’s the other pages on your site that convert visitors to customers. So we take the time to design and layout every page of your site you require.

Mobile Responsive
A mobile optimized website is critical for all businesses. Over 30% of site visitors come from a mobile device. When you get a site from NetConnect Australia it is mobile compatible.

Search Engine Optimised
Every site comes with the capabilities to perform onsite SEO to your website. Depending on which package you choose we also include doing all onsite SEO for you. That way your site is ready to get high rankings on Google.

All The Essentials Are Included
Your site comes pre configured with everything you need to be successful: Search Engine Optimiser, Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, Image Compression, Email Marketing, and Enhanced Security.

You’re Trained And Ready
All Sites Include Training so you know exactly how to the get the most out of your site.